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  • Christmas update

    December 22nd, 2009 Posted in Sheet Music |

    It’s not Christmas yet and I probably could have waited a bit and brought you one or two more sheets by Friday, but I want to have something for both Christmas and New Years.
    Mario Kart: Super Circuit was my entry for the GMA Christmas arrangement contest. It is a GMA exclusive. Well, when the contest ends anyway.
    Got some Phoenix Wright done. Godot’s theme. I’ll probably make another harder version of that one since there are chords/inner voices that I left out of this one. I’ll also be doing more from the Phoenix Wright series too as there aren’t a lot of arrangements of the music on the net for just piano. Looks like arrangements made by being extracted from MIDI files and split into “instruments”. You know who you are.
    And those of you at Ichigos who have been waiting on me for Eternal Sonata sheet music, it’s here. I may not own an Xbox 360 or the game, but man, the music is great. I’ve only transcribed the violin part of “Your Truth is my False”, but I’ll get to the piano version eventually. Two versions I’m thinking. The piano part which is a transcription of the piano part in the piece, and an arrangement version which has the other instruments arranged into a piano sheet. Certainly going to be a challenge.

    That’s it for now. I have some half finished arrangements here. Hopefully we’ll have a New Years update too. For everyone else, Happy Holidays!

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