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    September 30th, 2010 Posted in Sheet Music |

    Hey there. It’s been a month, I know. Just letting you guys know I added some Animal Crossing City Folk sheet music. The game really doesn’t have much new music from the old ones so I just might go ahead and transcribe everything from it. There seems to be quite a large Animal Crossing fanbase that loves the music. Gotta please the fans.
    I also hope the next Animal Crossing, the one for Nintendo 3DS I would assume, offers a bit more music-wise. There’s already one tune I’m waiting on. K.K. Slider always gives hints for what’s to come in the next game. There’s a tune without a name you can request from him, something he plays when you make a typo or request something not on his list of tunes, that I find beautiful, and like the case with Stale Cupcakes, the lack of an official name is the only thing preventing me from arranging it. Well, and the fact that no one’s uploaded it to Youtube yet. I suppose I’ll have to wait. (Animal Crossing fans might know what I’m talking about.)

    Anyway, happy playing.

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