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  • First August update…

    August 30th, 2010 Posted in Sheet Music |

    At the end of August!

    Yeah, I got off track. Been trying to find a job these days. You’d think it’d be easy with all the students going back to school and everything. In anycase, I won’t be continuing the daily updates, but I’ll at least try to get updates every week. That I know I can do.

    So anyway, newest sheet music is from StarCraft II! My brother bought the game at launch and one afternoon he just let the menu music play. I have a guilty pleasure for John Williams-esque music so I didn’t waste time going to transcribe it (though I did waste a fair amount of time with leaving the sheet on my computer). For now, this is only part of the main theme. (Link) The piano part starts at around 5:10 and I included the rest of the section which ends at 6:07. I didn’t include a cadence so it ends quite abruptly. You’ll have to be creative with that. And thanks to LurkingInShadowsBlog´╗┐ in the Youtube comments for breaking up the section names.

    Anyway, I may have not been updating much lately, but others have.

    One of the Affiliates, wazkatango, went and arranged ALL of the music from Kirby’s Block Ball. So if that’s not a good incentive to join the GMA forums, I don’t know what is.

    Also, Riulyn’s RPG sheet music has been updating more lately. Be sure to check that out. New stuff from Tales of Symphonia among others.

    And Ninsheetmusic has been updating with quite bit of stuff! They’ve also been cracking down on the quality of the sheet music. Very nice to see a shift in mentality to quality over quantity.

    Happy playing.

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