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  • Updating again

    February 2nd, 2013 Posted in New Stuff, News, Sheet Music |

    Because it’s been over a year now…

    I made a New Years Resolution to update more this year and I intend to follow through with it! My goal is 10 new sheets a month and a promise of at least 100 new sheets this year. Not off to the best start missing January, but I intend to fix that! More February updates.


    Every month there will be a poll on the side of the site. This poll will dictate the theme of sheet music for the following month. I left a poll running all last year and Animal Crossing won the vote, so that’s what this month will mostly consist of. Future polls will try to avoid biased results though, as most people who find this site came for Animal Crossing sheet music to begin with!

    The site will be undergoing a few changes in design and structure. The old navigation structure will change, so some links may not work for a bit. I’d like to arrange music from other consoles, movies, series, etc. Not to mention the growing indie scene! Organizing sheets by Nintendo consoles just doesn’t seem like the best way to go about things anymore.

    So anyway, starting the month with something simple: The main theme to Pac-Land.

    Enjoy, and see you all tomorrow for the next update!

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