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  • Fixed some sheets

    January 10th, 2010 Posted in Sheet Music

    I spent some time and went and fixed quite a few errors on some of the sheet music. A lot of it was the really old stuff so I’m not feeling too bad. It was mostly incorrectly notated rhythms and sometimes wrong enharmonic spelling. I didn’t know much about Music Theory back then. I think only 2 sheets actually had wrong notes.

    Here’s a list of what was fixed.

    New sheet music should be up next week.

    Happy New Year

    January 1st, 2010 Posted in Sheet Music

    5 new sheets for you guys to enjoy. I don’t feel like writing about all of them. 😛
    Have fun.

    EDIT: Okay, now I have time to talk.
    We have 2 sheets from the New Super Mario Bros. Wii and 2 from Animal Crossing: City Folk. I plan to transcribe a lot more from NSMBW (I say that a lot, don’t I…). Not everything since some of them are remixes. Hell, that Koopa Kid Tower one might be a remix too. I don’t know. I’m going to go through all the decent sounding Overworlds, maybe a level theme or two, the Koopa Kid Castle, and the Underwater theme. Might update the Projects page on that game…
    For Animal Crossing: City Folk, I made sheet music for that tune I always made K.K. Slider play in Wild World. In the DS version you could hear it by mistyping a song name. Of course, it didn’t have a real name until the Wii version. Believe it or not, that was the only thing stopping me from arranging it earlier! Along with that I arranged the aircheck version too. They were pretty different so it was worth arranging both.
    Whoa deja vu…
    Oh yeah, K.K. Sonata. I’ll get to K.K. Slider’s version next update. 🙂

    Aside from sheet music, over the next few days/months the site will be undergoing some changes. Things will be moved around, added, and taken away. Hopefully we’ll have an entirely new layout by the time the site reaches 100 sheets.

    May the new year bring much more great video game music.



    Christmas update

    December 22nd, 2009 Posted in Sheet Music

    It’s not Christmas yet and I probably could have waited a bit and brought you one or two more sheets by Friday, but I want to have something for both Christmas and New Years.
    Mario Kart: Super Circuit was my entry for the GMA Christmas arrangement contest. It is a GMA exclusive. Well, when the contest ends anyway.
    Got some Phoenix Wright done. Godot’s theme. I’ll probably make another harder version of that one since there are chords/inner voices that I left out of this one. I’ll also be doing more from the Phoenix Wright series too as there aren’t a lot of arrangements of the music on the net for just piano. Looks like arrangements made by being extracted from MIDI files and split into “instruments”. You know who you are.
    And those of you at Ichigos who have been waiting on me for Eternal Sonata sheet music, it’s here. I may not own an Xbox 360 or the game, but man, the music is great. I’ve only transcribed the violin part of “Your Truth is my False”, but I’ll get to the piano version eventually. Two versions I’m thinking. The piano part which is a transcription of the piano part in the piece, and an arrangement version which has the other instruments arranged into a piano sheet. Certainly going to be a challenge.

    That’s it for now. I have some half finished arrangements here. Hopefully we’ll have a New Years update too. For everyone else, Happy Holidays!

    Kinda been more than 2 weeks…

    November 18th, 2009 Posted in Sheet Music

    Ah well. I updated.
    To celebrate the release of the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game, I transcribed the title theme. Also have the “Sad Song” or when Mallow finds out he’s not a Tadpole from Super Mario RPG transcribed. I was unsatisfied with the sheet music already on the net. Technical errors and such so I made a version myself. Boy and His Blob for the NES (I do wanna arrange some of the Wii version’s music eventually) and Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. Great music in that game. I wouldn’t expect any less from Yoko Shimomura. Will definitely arrange more soon.

    Oh, and if you’ve seen me on Youtube, you’ll notice I have a video up. One of these days I hope to have videos of all the sheet music on this site. I’m determined. 😛


    I bare gifts

    July 30th, 2009 Posted in Sheet Music

    More sheets!

    More Mother 3, More Trauma Center, and more Tales of Symphonia.

    These, from what I could see from Youtube comments, were constantly requested sheets. I was planning on updating on Monday but something went wrong with Finale. Anyway, that’s all settled for now. Another reason was that Gentle Rain from Mother 3 was taking longer than anticipated. I started using a midi to arrange it, something I hadn’t done in a while, but soon found out that it had small little errors everywhere. It is a decent midi, but I just found it better to use my ears in the end.



    Update after awhile

    July 21st, 2009 Posted in Sheet Music

    Well, it turns out the Mac is still crap. Despite Finale working on it, it’s excruciatingly slow. Anyway, we got one of our old PC’s working again so I’m back to sheet music transcribing on that. Only 3 sheets, but I should have another update either later this week or early next week.

    What I have:

    Animal Crossing : City Folk – K.K. Sonata (aircheck) – my favorite Animal Crossing tune. I had to do it. It’s also the only other tune in Animal Crossing other than the Cafe that’s meant for piano. I’ve also started the K.K. Slider version of the piece so that should be up eventually. They were considerably different so it was worth transcribing both.

    Trauma Center : Second Opinion – Despair. Why is there next to NO sheet music for this game?? Yeah, I made a nice size list to transcribe. For now you get a simple 8 bar melody. I think you should have some more Trauma Center next update.

    And more Mother 3. Not much to say. Still working down my list. I’ll try to get Gentle Rain done by next update too.


    3 New Sheets

    May 1st, 2009 Posted in Sheet Music

    Yeah, it’s been well over a month. Lots of exams and papers right now.

    Anyway, newest sheets are from a PS2 game called Radiata Stories. It sounded Baroque-like so I decided to transcribe it. Second one is from Tales of Symphonia called Deepest Woods. I really liked that tune and was surprised it wasn’t transcribed earlier because it was one of the more memorable ones. Then I realized why by the ambiguous end. Last one is from the other Tales of Symphonia for the Wii (Dawn of the New World). The sheet music for “The End of His and Her Adventure” has been requested both at GMA and at Ichigos twice, so I decided to transcribe it. Also means I finally have something from the Wii.


    Oh, and next update probably won’t be for a while due to the massive amounts of work I have. Just so you know.


    More Mother 3

    March 14th, 2009 Posted in Sheet Music

    More Mother 3 sheet music. Just 3, but I wanted to make an update before I was off on March Break. That means no access to a decent computer for a week so I thought I’d update with something.

    Of course, I’ve been working on more stuff other than just Mother 3, but I jump back and forth between sheets (due to a short attention span and the fact that a piece of music can get irritating over time). So you’ll probably be seeing something else next update. Like some Wii music.

    Anyway, enjoy.


    Yeah yeah, I'm late…

    February 25th, 2009 Posted in Sheet Music

    Here’s your update.

    *points to the left*

    Title theme from Wizards and Warriors. It was a request. And a bunch of Mother 3 sheet music! Well, 4 anyway. But I have this huge list of tunes I’m gonna transcribe from that game so you’ll be seeing a lot more of that.

    I’ll get around to doing some Wii and N64 games too. Eventually.

    An Update!!

    January 28th, 2009 Posted in New Stuff, Sheet Music

    I finally updated. 4 new sheets. Finally got around to doing Steep Hill (aircheck) from Animal Crossing Wild World. I think it was a request a while back. Anyway, yeah, I know it’s not much. I planned to make the update bigger. Technical difficulties. I’ll fix them at school and hopefully you’ll have another update by next week with 4 more sheets.

    Oh yeah, semi-new affiliate. I added Wazkatango’s Sheet Music to the links page under Affiliates. Check his site out. It has plenty of good sheets.



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