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    How do I request a sheet?

    To request a sheet, go HERE. I can’t guarentee I’ll be the one to arrange the sheet though. You can also send me a tweet over Twitter!

    Can I send you the sheet music I arranged to be put on this site?

    At this point in time, I do not accept submissions. You can send them over to a site like SheetHost though!

    Can I use the sheet music here for my website?

    No. What you CAN do is link to the page the specific sheet is on.

    What happened to all the midis?

    I took the midis down because people use them to make other sheets that are almost identical to the sheets here. I know they are helpful to those who like to hear what the music sounds like before they play it, so I’m working to make videos of all the sheets instead!

    There are mistakes in these sheets!

    Really? Then please let me know! I hate faulty sheet music. Don’t worry, I won’t take offense to criticism. I want the sheet music here to be as accurate as it can be.

    How come you only arrange/transcribe Nintendo music?

    Not anymore, actually! I started the site as a Nintendo fan, but more and more I’m hearing awesome music from all the other consoles and a surge of incredible talent from the indie scene. Expect more of that in the future!

    Some of the sheets say arr. and some say trans. or both! What’s the difference between transcribed and arranged?

    Well, the difference for me is that the ones that are transcribed are done by ear and the ones that are arranged are either different from the originals or are done with the help of a MIDI. Usually I stay clear of MIDI’s though.

    How did you come up with the name Ninty Fresh?

    Honestly, I have no idea. I think it might have hit me when I was eating Dentyne Ice gum while playing Wii or something.

    Who is the red bat/dragon/thing that I keep seeing in your avatar and around the site?

    He’s my mascot named Wyvern. 🙂

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