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    Sheet Music Projects are when I select a game and transcribe ALL the music from it, maybe even some of the sound effects too. The games are selected based on how many times it is requested and ignored (I usually find this by lurking on forums and checking the requests), whether I feel the game deserves more attention, if there are already versions arranged but they suck or aren’t to my liking, or if I just plain out like the game.

    No projects/removed

    Games I’m working on:

    These are games I plan on transcribing a lot of music from. Not necessarily all of it.

  • [GCN] Tales of Symphonia
  • [Wii] Tales of Symphonia 2: Dawn of the New World
  • [360] Eternal Sonata
  • [GBA] Mother 3
  • [GB] Lufia: The Legend Returns

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